Hi, I’m Bryan

a full stack web developer living in Melbourne, Australia.

I started making things on the internet around the time Ethan Marcotte wrote his first article on responsive web design in 2010.

A lot has changed since then, but my passion for what is possible with HTML, CSS and JavaScript has not waned.

The web can be great — I’m striving to make it so.

Illustration of man outside walking post a webpage billboard
Illustration of man pointing at example web development tools

For over 10 years, I've worked in a variety of roles with a large array of tools to get the job done right. From jpeg compressions to JavaScript frameworks, it's been a hell of ride. Along the way I've learnt that it’s not so much the tools that matter it's knowing how to solve problems with other people; that's the constant.

Most days you’ll find me crafting UI/UX designs and coding in some strain of modern front-end JavaScript framework. I can wrangle PHP and slay a DevOps assignment; it's all in a day's work really.

1  $ git checkout new-skill

2  $ git add -A

3  $ git commit -m "new skill acquired"

4  $ git checkout master

5  $ git merge new-skill